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What’s Happening

Schools are working hard to conserve energy and reduce waste. From turning off the lights to growing vegetables, students and faculty are taking action. They are also having fun showing others what they are doing by capturing photos and videos of their efforts and sharing them here. Check out all the videos, photos, and events showing students making a difference!

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We Love Our School

03/21/23 Shadow Lake Elementary

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we wanted to share just how much we care about our campus and are passionate about refusing trash.

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Restarting our Lunch Room Recycling!
Restarting our Lunch Room Recycling!

03/29/23 Cedar River Elementary

Two Green Team members record an announcement with instructions for recycling in the lunch room

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Spring is in the Air!

03/21/23 Shadow Lake Elementary

Green Team has really been working hard educating peers about the impact about trash around the campus. The are also gearing up for the next big event...Earth Week! Stay tuned!